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Horace Goes Skiing

Another Horace game. This time Horace wants to go skiing. And, inexplicably, you have to run across the road, buy skis and run back. You have a starting budget of $40 and skis cost $10. And, if you get hit on the road, an ambulance costs the same. If you run out of cash, that's the end of the game.

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The road is terrifying. Imagine the calm of crossing the road as Frogger, some vehicles go faster than others and cars seem to be travelling opposite directions in alternative lanes. Horace has to get across about 2½ lanes going one way and the same going the other and then back again. The traffic goes fast. The lorries, motorbikes, cars randomly change lane. It's chaos! Sometimes it feels the best thing to do is just run and hop for the best!

Get hit and you get taken away in an ambulance. It drives on the pavement and costs money 🤔 and you need to start again. If you make it, it's time to ski.

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You travel downwards, avoid the trees and go between the flags. The bumps are fine and make a satisfying sound effect. Get to the end for extra points. If you crash you might break your skis, if not you get up and start skiing again, if you do and it's back to the road.