Liverpaul Games


(It's been a few months since a post, so I thought I'd get on and do one)

I found this game a few years ago. I'm fairly sure that's back when my phone had Android Gingerbread (2.3) on it. It does say last update was in 2015, but it still works with no problems on my phone in the days of Android 13 (Tiramisu).

It's a first person perspective puzzle game, along the lines of Myst. Some of the puzzles are quite obvious in what you need to do; find and activate a set of devices, point another set of devices to reflect in a particular way, etc.


It's free but quite short... but there are sequels! Each of which are a more decent length size game, they are £1.49 each - bargain!

You can find them in the Google Play Store

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