Liverpaul Games


Pippo starting a new level, just before the enemies appear

Pippo. This was a game I played, back in the 80's. It's quite a nice game. Simple to understand, but infuriatingly hard at times. You appear in the centre of the level, 2 or 4 enemies appear in the corners. Then you bounce from square to square, as you enter a new square it changes colour. To win the level you need to make all the squares the target colour. Things start easy enough, the squares are yellow, you bounce and they turn blue. As you progress, it gets harder. You need to bounce onto each square more than once, it goes magenta, then cyan and then white. Other levels the colour change gets undone on a second visit to a square.

A very colourful transition screen

The game plays very much as Q-Bert, having to avoid enemies and visit each spot on the level.

Look out for those jam jars Pippo!

The enemies are anything from a pair of shoes, to the number 1-4. As you play a number of other things may spawn in the centre. There is a mini-Pippo giving an extra life. A UFO which tries to kill you. A magic pill which turns the enemies into springs for a few seconds. And a smile face that undoes your hard work.

Pippo wins the level