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Alto's Adventure

Snowboard down the hill to collect your llamas. Do tricks to gain points, chain them to really boost your speed and points. As you play the time of day changes and it will go from from light to dark and back again. You collect coins as you …

Annoying Advert Trends 4

These type of adverts show you that your IQ depends on how well you play this game. I'm not convinced that these games are calibrated to literal IQ points. Maybe if you believe it then it says something about IQ...

Annoying Ads

Annoying Advert Trends 3

These adverts are annoying, and insulting.

Annoying Advert Trends 3

It shows getting rewards for playing games. Now, I know this is real, but it shows such an unrealistic amount.

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a game you play as you walk around. In a similar way as you go in Pokemon Go. As you walk you find Pikmin, you can feed them nectar and collect petals from them. You then use those petals to plant flowers as you walk.

If you're …

Annoying Advert Trends 2

Another type of advert that I see all the time.

Annoying Advert Trends 2

The advert shows someone playing a quite easy level in the game. Over and over again they fail in an obvious way. They make really simple mistakes every single time.