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Stardew Valley

I started playing stardew valley. I wasn't really sure what to expect, all I knew was that I read it was a farming RPG, but didn't really know what that meant.

In Stardew Valley you play the role of someone who has quit their job to go and run a farm. There is an intro cutscene that I found got a bit tedious, but I find most of the time text in games is tedious. I don't mind reading, but I find it's too slow for me waiting for the next bit to come onto the screen.

From the start I found it was a little daunting finding all the people and all the buildings in the town. I still end up going the wrong way for certain places.

I never have enough space to carry all the things I want, or I run out of space as I mine or collect stuff. I have now upgraded my backpack twice and this helps, but still I end up with a lot of stuff in chests. But then this means I don't have the right items when I want them. I'll walk all the way somewhere and then I'm missing one specific thing.

I've found a lot of times the shop I want is closed just when I went them. I get there too early or late or it's the wrong day of the week.

I felt the wizard was a bit weird. Although I changed my mind on this over time. When I started playing I thought it was a bit more serious/realistic so a wizard was out of place, but over time I've found there are a lot more less realistic things, so the wizard feels out of place.

I'm playing on my Android phone, so different systems may vary, but my character doesn't always go the right way when I tap for him to go somewhere.

I've found it hard to know how to progress in the game at times. There are a number of things to specifically do, but it's not always obvious how to do them. I needed to find someone's shorts, so I looked all around the town and everywhere. I had to read a guide and it turns out you have to befriend someone which wasn't obvious. Initially I didn't even realise you needed to befriend people, I didn't want to waste stuff giving it to people.

I still find it hard to know what to do. There are so many things I could be doing I often end up doing random things and not really getting anywhere overall. I know I need to have a pile of wood and stones at the moment, but by the time I have some I will have forgotten what I need to do with them.