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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I've been playing A Link to the Past on Retropie. I played and finished it many years ago and I don't think I played it since.

I vaguely remembered bits and pieces but I've enjoyed seeing it all again after so long. Somethings that have surprised me are how quickly you get each of the items that give Link various abilities. I thought it took much longer before collecting the boots that make you run fast and the bracelet that lets you pick heavy things up. Maybe I'm better at the game than I was so I'm getting through it faster or maybe I'm just misremembering. I also found the map smaller than I remember, it seems much quicker to get between the village and various other locations. I was shocked Link's hair was pink, I did not remember that. And I didn't remember the Dark World and turning into a bunny rabbit 🐇 at all.