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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

I'm currently playing Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. As it turns out most people suggest Oracle of Seasons first, but 'd already started by the time I read that, so I'm sticking with "Ages".

It feels very much like an addon/extra levels to Link's Awakening, I'm enjoying it but it's not that different. There are a few new features, there are rings which I don't understand yet and seeds.

There seem to be the same items to let Link do new things, the spade, the power bracelet (croissant of lifting), the roc's feather. I don't know what different power-ups Link could have had but I hoped for new items.

The game is set in 2 different time zones and you can travel between the two times sometimes. Something was destroyed in the present but you travel to the past and it's still there, for example.

I did like the new "puzzles" in the dungeons, there is a mine cart and a cube you have to roll.